Welcome Everyone!  

Excited to share my music with you.  My new single 'ANCHOR' off my album 'ORBIT' is available for order HERE.  No matter the storms that pass through our lives we all have the power to anchor ourselves to a clearer path.

My journey has been a yellow brick road with several emerald city stops along the way.  As a teenager I jumped on a train with my guitar and headed west in search of a dream.  During that early chapter I found myself homeless on the streets of San Francisco earning change as a street singer in Fisherman's Wharf.   Lucky enough to have survived that, the ensuing years were spent singing in wild and raucous bars, hotel lounges and cruise ships.  A silver lining showed up during this time in the form of a publishing deal and half a record deal.  I even found myself taking gypsy trips to Nashville and co-writing with such notable songwriters as Grammy award-winner Jim Weatherly.  I was living next to a McDonald's at the time and was even able to plan the timing of eating leftover untouched french fries and quarter-pounders.  It wasn't half bad.  Further down that yellow brick road I made another emerald city stop and wound up as the sole female A&R executive for Atlantic Records in country music on the West Coast garnering several platinum and gold records. 

At that point the yellow brick road ended and I found myself on a journey up an incredible mountain enveloped in a new life of motherhood, painting and photography. Music was a bygone and I was thriving in this new chapter. The solitude and introspection of being a painter turned out a few years later to be a valuable re-introduction to songwriting.  Because the air on the mountain was getting thinner my life pivoted once again when a friend took me to see a Rickie Lee Jones concert.  This concert was such an emotional experience by the end I found myself breathing a new kind of oxygen.  I just had to get back into songwriting.  The climb of the mountain was getting steeper and when I got home I started writing songs with a renewed inexplicable passion that led to my debut album 'Feel Fearless' and henceforth my current second album 'Orbit'.  

My journey up the mountain continues to be a daily trek of gratitude and humbleness.  Can't thank you enough for taking the time to listen to my story songs.  Maybe we'll run into one another. Come say hello!  

Ciao for now,