Welcome Everyone!  

Excited to share my music with you.  My new single 'ANCHOR' is available for order HERE.  

At that point the yellow brick road ended and I found myself on a journey up an incredible mountain enveloped in a new life of motherhood, painting and photography. Music was a bygone and I was thriving in this new chapter. The solitude and introspection of being a painter turned out a few years later to be a valuable re-introduction to songwriting.  Because the air on the mountain was getting thinner my life pivoted once again when a friend took me to see a Rickie Lee Jones concert.  This concert was such an emotional experience by the end I found myself breathing a new kind of oxygen.  I just had to get back into songwriting.  The climb of the mountain was getting steeper and when I got home I started writing songs with a renewed inexplicable passion that led to my debut album 'Feel Fearless' and henceforth my current upcoming third album 'Serendipity'.  

My journey up the mountain continues to be a daily trek of humour and realization.  Can't thank you enough for listening to my story songs.  Maybe we'll run into one another sometime. Say hello!  

Catch a wave and enjoy the ride,  

XO... Carolee